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Trustees Unlimited is a joint venture between Bates Wells Braithwaite, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and Russam GMS and it is a solution to the problem many organisations face - trying to recruit high quality trustees and non executives in a rigorous and yet cost effective way.

Established in 2009, Trustees Unlimited has quickly established itself as one of the premier providers of trustee and non executive recruitment. Whether it is a trustee for a charity, a director for a social enterprise or a volunteer to sit on an audit committee, Trustees Unlimited has unprecedented access to a large group of high calibre people who are actively looking for such roles and offers a unique model of delivery. With a database and network that is both large and diverse Trustees Unlimited is making a real difference in terms of helping boards become balanced and effective.

Trustees Unlimited and its sister service, Non-Executives Unlimited, are committed to improving governance in the Civil Society Sector and through recruitment, training and mentoring have developed a unique offering that is helping many organisations strengthen their boards. 

Trustee Matters, March 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of Trustee Matters, Trustees Unlimited's monthly newsletter, bringing you all the details of our latest exciting opportunities with a range of different charities. We have the follow up to our recent survey which looked at how often boards reflected on their performance and the need for instilling a robust succession planning process. We've also included details of up-and-coming events, including the NCVO Evolve Conference later this year.

Firstly, a reminder about the current trustee vacancies that many of you will have already seen on our website. All these organisations are seeking your experience and skills to help drive their vision and strategies forward, and offering you a unique chance to be involved in a worthy cause - and also for your own personal and professional development. They include a rich and varied selection of Chair and Trustee roles: a brand new social impact bond charity, an international development organisation, a pioneering conservation & re-use charity, an asylum seeker / migrant worker support charity and a healthcare quality improvement body to name but a few.


 Giving something back’ – a win-win situation for young professionals, business and charities

Volunteering is a great way for employees to develop valuable skills including leadership, team working, decision making and negotiating, outside their usual work environment. A report from think tank Demos last month argued that more bosses should be encouraged to award promotions or pay rises to employees who have volunteered for charities.

The research claimed that participation in volunteering schemes can boost employees’ skills and job satisfaction, and that workers can save their employers thousands of pounds in training costs by the skills they gain helping good causes. Some 61% of employees questioned by Demos agreed volunteering experience made them perform better in their job, while two-thirds (66%) saw a noticeable improvement in their communication skills, with negotiating (45%), team-working (43%) and leadership skills (41%) also enjoying a timely boost.


Trustees Unlimited Media Coverage: Charities Management, February 2015

The need to improve charity trustee performance


Ian Joseph, Chief Executive of recruitment agency Trustees Unlimited urges charity boards to review how well they are operating.

The start of any new year or cycle is the ideal time for reflection and many charities will be analysing how well they are running their boards and what improvements may be needed to increase their effectiveness in the next 12 months.


Trustees Unlimited Media Coverage: The Telegraph, February 2015


Ian Joseph, Trustees Unlimited Chief Executive, was recently featured in the letter to the editor section of the Daily Telegraph.

“SIR – MPs’ rejection of the call from Labour to ban second jobs is a good thing. Parliamentarians should have interests outside the “day job” to develop their skills and experience. One solution is the role of a trusteeship.


All MPs should become trustees

Ed Milliband’s response to the allegations made against Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw is short-sighted and fundamentally wrong if he is suggesting that MPs cannot have any outside interests at all. Parliamentarians should have interests outside the ‘day job’ in order to hone their skills and develop their experience so that they become more effective in the job. Public opinion is divided on whether MPs should have another role and certainly on the issue of whether any extra role receives remuneration. However there is a solution.


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